SINCE 1992

You do what exactly?

I fulfill a niche need in the graphic design industry that's somewhat unique to the paper-pushing capital of the world, Washington, DC — the design and production of (jargon alert!) long documents. Long documents are lengthy, text-intensive publications like, but not limited to, books, catalogs, and reports. In short, the types of publications that are continuously churned out by the city's two largest employers of freelancers and subcontractors — the federal government and the George Washington University.


Okay, long documents and publications. Is that it?

No. In addition, I provide highly skilled and experienced design-production support to art directors, production managers, and other studio heads tackling multifaceted design projects under tight deadlines. I'm the freelancer to call when you’re lamenting how difficult it is to find a really good production artist or a graphic designer who really enjoys doing production work.

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